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Athlete’s Health Risks

When you drive your body to its limits… extra maintenance is required!!!

When we speak of groups that are at risk, we don’t always think of athletes… but we should as  being an athlete involves a nutritional risk that many do not think about.

The scientific explanation for this risk is perhaps best understood by thinking of a racing car compared to an ordinary commuter car (or an athlete compared to a sedentary person).

  1. A racing car deals with more stress and strain in one race than a commuter car does in many years of driving a few miles each day back and forth.
  2. A racing car uses up far more rubber, more gasoline, more oil and creates more heat and wear and tear on the engine than does considerable commuting in the family car.


  1. Athletes use up many times more minerals than do people who are sedentary.
    • An athlete sweats more in 5 years of athletic training and competition than couch potatoes do in 75 years of watching TV.
    • When a person sweats they are not just losing water… their sweat contains 60 essential minerals.
      • They are called essential minerals because if any of them are missing for any length of time, the result can be a degenerative disease, many of which are life threatening.
      • So, if athletes don’t get additional minerals and trace elements in their diets to make up for those which have been lost, their very lives can be at risk.
      • This is evidenced as numerous athletes each year, at very young ages, die of unexpected heart attacks. Wellness experts attribute this to loss of minerals needed for arterial integrity.
  2. Additionally, athletes use more energy and consume and metabolize more food. This means more free radicals are created. Free radicals cause damage to the body.
  3. Finally, athletes tear down their muscles and bones and tendons through the exertions they make. They need food nutrients to repair this damage.

The next thing that athletes need to do is increase their antioxidant intake.

Antioxidants combat free radicals which attack arterial walls and create scarring and thickened walls. Performance stress and metabolism of extra fuel as compared to sedentary people mean far greater free radical loads in athletes.

Note that the controversial writer of ‘Dead Doctors Don’t Lie’, veterinarian, Dr. Joel Wallach, blames sudden death in athletes on the lack of minerals, caused by sweating too many of the minerals from the body. He points to the addition of a tiny amount of minerals in the feed of animals as being the single most important thing anyone taking care of animals can do for animal health and draws the same corollary to humans.


Sudden Death of Athletes Occurs Too Often

Usually, the report we get on the news says that the athlete suffered from a cardiovascular abnormality.

Sudden death has been defined as “an abrupt unexpected death of cardiovascular cause, in which the loss of consciousness occurs within 1 to 12 hours of onset of symptoms” (1, 2). The majority of sudden deaths in athletes occur during or immediately after exercise (game, conditioning, training, etc). However, some deaths occur at rest or during sleep. Autopsy is very useful in making a definitive diagnostic determination of the cause of sudden death. Certain conditions (i.e., Long QT Syndrome, Brugada Syndrome) require detailed post-mortem biochemical and sometimes genetic studies.

Scientists in discussing how to prevent such sudden deaths among athletes say things like this:

Intense training and the strain of competition, which increase physiologic demands on the heart, produce alterations in electrolytes, blood volume and levels of hydration and together increase sympathetic tone and withdrawal of parasympathetic tone. Multiple interactions of those factors with the hypertrophied myocardium and the disarray of myocardial fibers act as triggers for potentially lethal ventricular arrhythmias . Also, increased myocardial mass and insufficient regional perfusion during high-intensity exercise cause myocardial ischemia, and over time, replacement fibrosis, both of which may act as independent triggers of arrhythmias. In fact, patients with HCM that survived a sudden death had a very high incidence of inducible ischemia on thallium stress-testing . In addition, lack of appropriate blood pressure and heart rate response to exercise may act as the initial event cascading into a hemodynamic collapse with loss of consciousness. Finally, partial obstruction present at rest may increase twice as high with intense physical exercise compared to levels at baseline , which can potentially result in myocardial ischemia, hemodynamic compromise and arrhythmias. Autopsy, histological and microscopic studies, and sometimes biochemical tests establish a post-mortem diagnosis of HCM.

The bottom line is that athletes need to increase their nutrition level considerably above ordinary people, and I know a supplement range used by Olympic athletes that can help improve performance and reduce the above risk. Contact us for more information. 



As its National Lupus Awareness month I remembered I had recently listened to a call about this illness and decided to share and post part of the call as a point of reference for folks in my group so they can hopefully help others with this valuable information.

For more information on any of the products discussed feel free to contact us.


I agree about the energy levels. I’m a homeschooling mom of 4 with lupus. Exhausted is my first, middle, and last name! After taking the supplements  pack for about one month, I was able to notice a HUGE difference in my energy levels, my nail growth, and my hair. They most important to me was the energy level though. I’m thankful of these products and that this company makes such a great product!

After a year of bizarre symptoms and unbearable pain, I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus and its companion, Fibromyalgia. The medical answer was to take a powerful anti-malarial drug that has side effects that are accumulative and irreversible, (i.e.)pigment deposits on the retina that would cause eventual blindness, chronic diarrhea (embarrassing and uncomfortable) causing a depletion of potassium and other trace mineral.

None too sure that the cure wasn’t worse than the disease I began to try to find an alternative treatment. It took six years before someone introduced me to this range. After only two months following the regimen recommended by Dr. Ramero, the joint pain has subsided, my energy level is unbelievable and my blood pressure no longer requires prescription medication, and I am taking only half my dose of Plaquenil. It is my sincere belief that anyone with Lupus would benefit from these products.



The number of people living with diabetes in the UK has soared by 59.8 per cent in a decade, according to a new analysis by Diabetes UK.

The new figures, extracted from official NHS data from the Quality and Outcomes Framework, 2004-05 to 2013-14, show that there are now 3,333,069 people diagnosed with diabetes, which is an increase of more than 1.2 million adults compared with 16 years ago when, in 2005, there were 2,086,041 people diagnosed with the condition. This doesn’t take into account the 590,000 adults estimated to have been undiagnosed with diabetes in 2013-2014.

Diabetes is a disease that seems to be on the increase!

May be an age thing but I notice more and more people I know that are being diagnosed with or have been dealing with Diabetes for a while. The recently diagnosed are experiencing the debilitating symptoms of being diabetic.   And most of these are active people who want to stay active. Tiredness seems to be an issue even with the top ups of Mars bars etc.

This made me want to see if there was anything that Melaleuca produce could possibly help these people.

Below are testimonials of people that have used Melaleuca products while managing diabetes .

This is not intended as a diagnosis or a medical trial its just  real peoples experience 

Customer Reviews of Melaleuca use with Diabetes 

More Energy

I have been a diabetic for 33 years and have been on an insulin pump for the past 5 years. I recently started using the Peak Performance pack, cell wise and the attain bars. Within the past 8 days I’ve had to lower my insulin doses twice. I was on a total of 24 units of insulin in a 24 hour period, and now I am down to 19.4 units in a 24 hour period.

This is great, because not only is my control of my diabetes getting better, but I am starting to feel so much better, and I have more energy. If you know people that have type 1 or 2 diabetes I would definitely share these products with them, it will definitely help improve their quality
of life with diabetes!

Need to Decrease his Insulin

I would like to share with you my husband’s story regarding Melaleuca and diabetes. Ron is a Type II diabetic. My husband has been a diabetic for 30 years. We found Melaleuca on recommendation from a friend. Due to this advise we immediately started taking the Peak Perfomance Pack.

He saw an immediate need to decrease his insulin. When they came out with the new upgraded Provex CV, we switched and again he lowered his insulin (he is VERY insulin resistant). A year ago we upped his dosage from 1/40 pounds of body weight to 1/30 pounds of body weight. AGAIN he had to decrease his insulin.

Overall, he has decreased his insulin usage by 40-50%

Other benefits – he is no longer getting water blisters on the shins of his legs. In the 4 1/2 since started using Melaleuca products we both have had only an occasional slight cold. We are both very grateful for the Melaleuca products.

I use the Renew lotion on his skin as dryness seems to be worse I was using a prescription lotion with lanolin. Its much better now.


GC Control.

My mum who has been diabetic for years with fasting sugars over 120. After 1 week on the supplements and GC control, her sugars are ranging between 55 and 75!

She had to reduce her meds!

Severe Diabetic Retinopathy

I have had diabetes for over 36 years, through the years I have developed a few of the complications with this condition. I have severe diabetic retinopathy in my eyes, when I was advised to go to the Mayo Clinic I was told they were not sure if they could save my sight. Other things started happening, such as my cholesterol level was high, my blood glucose levels were harder to control, plus the Doctor said I was showing signs of kidney damage.

My friend Patti asked if she could show me about some products she heard helped other diabetics, I hesitantly agreed to meet with her thinking it was going to be “one of those”. Patti and her friend Vicki came and showed me about a company called Melaleuca, the vitamins they offered and all the wonderful properties of the Melaleuca oil.

I first tried the oil and a few of the cleaning products. Using the oil in just a few different situations, I found it to heal various problems like athlete’s foot, a boil, burns, cuts etc, in just a short amount of time, this was very impressive as usually, I took longer to heal with this condition. I decided to try the vitamins to see if they were as good as they made them sound, as they had a 90 day guarantee so I could return them if they didn’t work for me. Within a month I really could feel the increased amount of energy, others could also tell that I felt better.

After the first year of taking the Peak Performance Pack my cholesterol was back to the normal range, my vision and my blood pressure improved, I did not have any bladder infection problems which had been a constant battle and I just felt better all around.

To shorten the story I now take on a daily basis:
ThePeak PerformancePack (love the new packets!),
Replenex, 2 to 3 per day and Nutraview 2 a day.

Since I started taking the Nutraview I have noticed an improvement in my night vision and the cataracts that I was told I might need to have removed in 6 months have not grown any larger. I was told at my last eye exam that my vision again has improved some

I have been using an insulin pump for 3 years now and use the liquid soap for cleaning the infusion injection site and the Renew Bath Oil when I remove the infusion to change the site and have had no problems with infections or healing.?

I use the Access bar before doing any strenuous exercise, which helps maintain my blood sugar and the Attain drinks and bars when I need a quick meal. We use many of the Melaleuca products through out our home now and would not be without them!
Jan Coon


My husband has diabetes. In addition to him eating properly, I have him on the Vitality Pak, Provex Plus, Provex CV, this is an important one, as you know diabetics usually don’t have great circulation and the Provex CV helps, I also have him on Prostavan, and Cell Wise. He goes to the doctors every 3 months for blood work and so far his has been right on the money. His doctors are impressed and so is he. He now only uses the Melaleuca products.


How these Products Have Changed My Life

I have been using the Melaleuca products for three years, and these products have changed my life. I want to share the different ways that these products have helped me, so possibly they can help you.

The first product that had an impact on me was the tooth polish. I was having a tarter problem with my teeth. One month after going to the dentist my teeth would have tarter on them. My dentist wanted me to come in every 3 months, but I did not want to go because I did not like the pain that took place when they scraped my teeth.  Due to using the Tooth Polish, Breath Away and the dental tape, I now go to the dentist once a year with very little plaque. My gums do not bleed and I can This not only keeps my teeth and gums clean, but is saves me a lot of money.

I did not use the vitamins at first as I thought that they cost too much and that the fructose compounded minerals in the vitamins would raise my blood sugar. We found that we were able to save money using the safe cleaning products so we decided to share the products with a few friends.

One of our friends was a biology teacher. My biology teacher friend asked me if I used the vitamins. I told him that I did not as I felt that they were too expensive and I was concerned about the fructose in them. Since our bodies are so mineral deficient, he felt that this delivery system, that is patented, could get the minerals into my cells. He did not feel that their could be too much fructose in them, which I found out that the amount of fructose in the daily recommended amount of vitamins was equivalent to eating one cherry.

I still resisted because of the cost, but then I could try them at no risk for 90 days. This meant that it would not cost me anything to try them as free is less expensive than cheap. In that first month on the program I started having insulin reactions and my blood sugars ran lower than they used to. I am on an insulin pump so it was easy for me to adjust my insulin intake, as I tested my blood sugars four times a day.

During this first month I was able to lower my need for insulin about 10%.  I started by taking 6 capsules a day for tissue saturation. This is when you take one Provex for each 25 pounds of body weight. I weigh 160 pounds so I took enough for 150 pounds. I started taking 6 capsules per day on Thursday and I had 3 insulin reactions on Saturday and 3 insulin reactions on Sunday. I reduced my insulin intake by another 10% and then I had good control again. I am now taking 8 units of insulin for breakfast instead of 10 units. Because of what happened to me, I would not encourage diabetics to take more than 2 Provex a day to start off with. I would then work up gradually to the saturation dose and adjust your insulin.  I can not believe that I have cut my insulin intake by 20%, and that I need less sleep and I over all feel better.

Melaleuca has helped me make it through some tough times in my life. Some of the other Melaleuca products that have really helped me are the Antibacterial Liquid Soap that I use to clean my site area for my insulin pump and I have never had an infection. I also use the soap to clean my hands before I test my blood four times a day. My fingers do not get dry because I don’t use the alcohol swabs. I use the T36 C5 on any cuts and especially on my feet as well as the Triple Antibiotic Ointment for healing. The Renew Skin Lotion is great for conditioning the skin of the feet.

My leg muscles used to burn all the time as I jog from 3 to 8 miles a day. By exercising my insulin seems to work better. I am now able to eat a whole Access Bar and when I run 5 miles, and my blood sugar will be the same at the end of my run.

I also use the Sustain or Attain for a snack and they take 2.5 units of insulin. These products taste great and they do not send my blood sugars sky high. These products have really enhanced my life. Before I got on the vitamins, I didn’t heal that well. I use have to put pressure on my finger for up to a minute to stop the bleeding when I tested my blood. Today I just wipe it off. I have recently started taking the Replenex every day and my insulin need has dropped another 5%.
John H

Increased Circulatory Benefits – A Personal Experience

Last spring I went to my 30 year high school reunion. One of my dearest friends walked like he had very tender feet. I asked him why he was walking so tender footed and he said, “Terrilee, my feet have been cold and in pain for years due to my diabetes.” He is a respiratory therapist and stands on his feet for 12 hours a day! I told him that I was going to send him three bottles from my wellness catalog and I wanted him to take 4 in the am and 4 in the pm – gift from me. Robbie is a very large man and that is why I started him on so much. I got a call a few days later and he said, “I have used the supplements for SIX DAYS and my feet are warm and not in pain for the first time in years.” If he forgets to take them then he is in pain. ProvexPlus opens the capillary circulation (which is very poor in diabetes) and therefore is powerful in helping move blood through the body.  Melaleuca has such a powerful catalog for diabetes because of the healing properties of the Melaleuca oil and the increased circulatory benefits through ProvexPlus. Share this with a Diabetic person!! They’ll be thanking you ! -Terrilee

Incredible Results All Round!

Finally last week the Doctor was able to pin point my ill health, it was actually good health. Since going on to the Melaleuca Peak Performance my body has not been this well, that combined with my weight loss and Access Bars, I was just very healthy. So why was I so ill, well my doctor did not believe that I could improve so quickly so I have been over-medicated for both my allergic rhyinitus and my diabetes.

This has made me very tired, and given my viral symptoms.
Finally 2 weeks ago I had a glucose feed tube test where my reaction to glucose was measured against my medication, I also had a HBC1 blood test. Well the ideal figure is under 7, but all diabetics are over 7 so we are given medication to bring us down to 7. My last reading was 11 in September so I was medicated to reduce this. My reading came back two weeks ago as 6.4! This is amazing, as I had stopped taking some of my medication because I kept passing out. An amazed Doctor wrote excellent on my chart for the first time in my life, after a week of the new drugs I am feeling like a new woman.

I have also had my allergy medication reduced.  So in telling the doctor of our long flight I asked if I should take aspirin as he had recommended in the past, NO he said what ever you are doing to your blood with that mela stuff keep doing it.

So after some 7 months of feeling really ill, I am back on track and well. Now do you think Melaleuca should put a health warning on their products to say ‘Beware this could make you well and you may need to reduce man made products with side affects if you use these products’ As an aside I have lost 51 lbs on Access Bars since October when they arrived and I look somewhat different to the time when I started using them.. If ever you need a product story on Access and the Daily 4 Life changing an English girls life then here it is.

Sue Mansfield, Kent, UK


I wanted to write and tell you about the difference that Melaleuca
supplements have made in my life. I am 32, and was diagnosed with
diabetes during my last pregnancy (2 years ago). I was in denial for
about 6 months (after our son was born), and did absolutely nothing for
my diabetes. I didn’t check my blood sugar, nor take insulin. Nothing.
I finally accepted the diagnosis and decided to do something about it.

I started taking my blood sugar, just to get a good idea of where it was
at. I was startled to find out that after only 6 months it was high,
averaging about 200. I then made an appointment with my doctor so she
could help me decide on my insulin doses. She noticed my blood sugars
were running around 200, depending upon what I had eaten and the amount
of exercise I had done. I started off with about 75 units of insulin a
day. I couldn’t take oral medications because I was breastfeeding my
son. I had a HBA1C of 7.7. Normal is 0-6.5. She said it was a bit
higher than the last one of 7.1, so she upped my dose of insulin to
between 80 and 100 units. I was feeling run down, and crabby, tired,
unable to sleep, always edgy, and felt terrible in general.

A good friend introduced me to Melaleuca in August of this year, and I
began taking the vitamins on September 1st. I was very skeptical, and was
SURE that Melaleuca would be giving me my money back in 90 days.  I didn’t notice any difference in the first two weeks, or
even three weeks. B

ut a few days after my 4th week started, I sat down
and took a good look at my blood sugar recording diary. I noticed that
I had not been taking any more than 40 units of insulin a day, down from
80-100. On occasion, I do have to use a bit more insulin in the
morning, once again depending upon my nighttime snack, and/or exercise.

My fasting blood sugar is now much closer to acceptable: 115-140, my
bedtime blood sugar has been running around 140, down from 200 only one
month before. I have noticed a huge increase in energy, I am able to
get to sleep and sleep longer, I am much more relaxed, and I generally
feel much better. I can attribute a lot of this to the Peak Performance
that I have been taking faithfully every day since September 1st. I
have also incorporated a short 30-minute walk into my morning routine.
I am sure this has something to do with my blood sugar results also.
Hopefully this will help someone you know.

Tammy Pearce


I am a 30 year insulin dependent type 1 diabetic. Currently, I use an insulin pump and Humalog insulin. I have high blood pressure, have had 2 heart attacks. Have had vision problems and serious neuropathy damage. When I review all of the procedures I have had over the last 15 years, it is frightening to say the least. Here is the list:

The following can be the result of many years of not understanding and not facing Sugar Diabetes:

1. Neuropathy of the feet and many surgeries treating infections including finally broken foot bones and many foot ulcers.

2. Amputation of three fingers on my left hand due to staff infections and poor blood sugar control.

3. Many, many laser surgeries for hemorrhaging of the eyes and finally vitrectomys
completed in each eye. This has been very successful for stopping the hemorrhaging.

4. Left leg amputated below the left knee due to unsuccessful healing of the foot and neuropathy. I walk with a prosthetic leg.

5. Triple by-pass heart surgery.

6. Fighting infections with every cut, scrap or blister potentially turning into an ulcer.

The Melaleuca oil is the best daily medication I use for protection and fighting infection. I have saved thousands of dollars from the cost of conventional wound centers by using Melaleuca oil. This is a must for diabetics. I also experience tremendously dry skin and have caused many ulcers to form due to callus and cracking. The Renew skin lotion does the trick. I appreciate your efforts in teaching about diabetics and cardiovascular care. Melaleuca is the preventative measure along with diet and exercise. I have learned though, I have to take responsibility of my diabetes. I used to think that my doctor always could medicate my problems.

My height is 6’1″ and I weigh 212. I am working on reducing my weight to 185.

Jim B


For The First Time He Was Given the Same Life Insurance Rate as Non-Diabetics.

The following is a case of a male diabetic who is approximately 46 years of age, he has never been over weight, and he has a good diet and is self-employed and owns a physical therapy clinic. He has been taking insulin by injection for over 14 years. I explained to him the importance of anti-oxidants, the mineral chromium and the herbal extract ginko biloba on glucose metabolism. For diabetics the less insulin that they have to use to lower their blood sugar levels the better. This also holds true for everyone. The amount of sugar in your blood is a result of what you eat. According to Dr. Simeon Margolis, M. D., Ph. D. , professor of medicine and biological chemistry Johns HopkinsMedical School, high blood insulin levels can put people at risk for high blood pressure and heart disease. High blood insulin hastens the development of arteriosclerosis and enhances the formation of blood clots causing a stroke or heart attack.

Keep in mind that sucrose or white table sugar triggers the release of insulin from the pancreas. Insulin helps transport sugars from the blood stream into the cells where it can be used for energy. Even though the sugar is utilized rather quickly, insulin continues to circulate in the blood for hours. Insulin helps to promote the deposition of fats and cholesterol into the walls of arteries according to the British Medical Journal, (Lancet 87; 1:1077-1079) and the journal (Prog. Cardiovascular Disease. 84;26:355-372. )

After explaining to my friend the importance of various nutrients that are known to help decrease insulin requirements, I convinced him to try the Vitality Pack and the Provex CV. If he did not notice a difference in his insulin requirements and didn’t feel better overall, then he could return these products for a full refund. The only stipulation was that he be consistent with the daily-recommended dosages and that he CHECK HIS BLOOD GLUCOSE at least 2 to 3 times per day.

After 30 days I called and asked him what he had experienced. He was very pleased and informed me that his blood glucose level has never been this stable and consistent. He also felt better and his wife stated that he was much easier to get along with! He agreed to set-up an account and wanted to start buying Melaleuca products for himself, his home and for his clinic. Two weeks ago he informed me that he applied for life insurance again, and for the first time he was given the same rate as non-diabetics. Needless to say, he now feels that it is time to start telling a few more of his friends and patients about these products that have helped him.

Melaleuca, has products that can help people. If their products were not effective then they would not still be in business.

I realize that most people are skeptical and that is to be expected, but when you can solve some ones problem, then they will be more willing to listen.

1. One of reason for the success in this case is due to the fact that the patented fructose chelated minerals that are pre-bonded to the fructose molecule. Most minerals in supplemental form are poorly absorbed. The fructose minerals in the Vitality Pak have a high rate of absorption allowing them to enter the cell. Considering the fact that fructose is a carbohydrate, and under normal circumstances carbohydrates are seldom eliminated in the urine. Carbohydrates are used for fuel in the form of glucose, converted to glycogen for future fuel reserves or converted to fat. When the diabetic is able to absorb the mineral chromium, studies have shown that chromium will decrease fasting blood sugar levels, improve glucose tolerance, lower insulin levels, land decrease total cholesterol and fat levels, while increasing HDL cholesterol. (JAMA 1995; 73:1849-1854)

2. The anti-oxidant benefits from the Provex CV, which is a super anti-oxidant, helps to reduce further diabetic complications that result from free radicals damaging the beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. Flavonoids, like grape seed, grape skin, bilberry, ginko biloba and especially quercitin, promote insulin secretion and inhibit the accumulation of sorbitol in the tissues and blood.

Unfortunately we are surrounded by toxins everywhere.  They silently poison our lives and are contributing to a multitude of modern day illnesses. Fear not they can be avoided!

Dr. Brogan boarded in Psychiatry/Psychosomatic Medicine/Reproductive Psychiatry and Integrative Holistic Medicine says :

Basic lifestyle interventions can facilitate the body’s powerful self-healing mechanisms to end depression: dietary modifications (more healthy fats and less sugar, dairy, and gluten); dietary modifications (more healthy fats and less sugar, dairy, and gluten); natural supplements like B vitamins and probiotics that don’t require a prescription and can even be delivered through certain foods; minimizing exposures to biology-disrupting toxicants like fluoride in tap water, chemicals in common drugs like Tylenol and statins, and fragrances in cosmetics; harnessing the power of sufficient sleep and physical movement; and behavioral techniques aimed at promoting the relaxation response. I’ve seen people  transformed in a little as 30 days. Dare to be one of them! ”

Please take a few minutes to watch this short video.

If this is something that interests you get in touch using the email form under the video and I will help you detox your home by making some easy consumer choices. Money isn’t everything but this can be an income generator!  Get in touch