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Peak Performance Balanced Supplement  Range 

If you are anything like me taking supplements can be a thing that doesn’t come easy. Various bottles of supplements I have started taking for a few weeks then forget to take litter my kitchen cabinet. (Yes kitchen !! it is  food not drugs after all 🙂

Melaleuca’s peak performance is cleverly packaged in A.M and P.M packets with the full daily range recommended in the morning and evening packets.  Makes sense to me. I find it much easier to take in a sachet than lots of different bottles. There are various options for individual requirements – Mens, Womans, Bone Health, Heart Health.  Inside the packets are Multi Vitamins, Omega 3/6, Probiotics etc. See pic belowpkpf1



For independant reviews of the Melaleuca range see here:


See below for an study carried out in Germany at Frieburg University on people’s health.. Blood pressure, Cholesterol, Inflammation response, heartbeat etc some showing results within hours of taking the supplements.

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